When I built this site, I posted a list of prices for individual prints.  Those prices are still listed below, but currently I am not charging.  I can send the prints to a local retailer for you and you can pick up and pay for those prints at the cost of the retailer.

For more information contact me at danapetersonphotography{at}

This is as close as I have come to pricing. I will be working to update this information as soon as I figure out a better system.

I have not found a great way to economically print, frame and deliver these to your door so this is how it is going to work for now.

Here are the prices:

4 x 6 single image $4.00
(black & white only)

5 x 7 single image $5.00
(black & white only)

For example

FAMILY in 4 x 6
6 images (letters) x $4.00 = $24.00

Once you decide on the letter images you want, please send me an e-mail identifying the item codes with your street address and I will have them printed and shipped to your door. You can pay via Paypal after I receive and confirm your order. My address is danalyn78{at}

If you found me as a referral from another website, mention that site in your e-mail and receive a 10% discount.